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A modern web agency for your small business

Comlog is a web agency in Stockholm that focuses on creating modern and professional websites for small businesses.

With craftsmanship that highlights the uniqueness of your business, you get a website that attracts new customers. And since we build it in WordPress, the world's most popular platform for websites, you can easily update it yourself regularly to keep it current.

With 28 years in the market, we have the experience and flexibility required to create the website that best suits your business.

Web agency for small businesses in Stockholm

More than just an ordinary web agency

We don't want to be like everyone else. We get that it's tough to buy something you can't see or touch before deciding. That's why you don't have to make a final call until you've seen the custom design we create for your new website.

We make it a bit easier

We make it a bit easier

Getting a new website for your business doesn't have to be so terribly complicated.

We want to make your life a bit easier by helping you with the entire project from start to finish – and even manage the operation and maintenance afterward if you'd like.

We match your budget

We match your budget

Tell us what type of website you want, and you'll get a fixed price. That way, you'll know exactly how much it will cost right from the start.

Or tell us your budget, and we'll let you know how much website you can get for your money.

Small business specialists

Small business specialists

We have worked with small businesses for many years, so we've learned what's important to succeed on the web.

We've also learned that there's a big difference between various types of small businesses. That's why we've developed flexible work methods to adapt to what suits you best.

Can you afford not to have a professional website?

When you don't just want to be one of the crowd...

You have one chance to capture your visitors' interest and keep them on your website before they move on to the next link in the search results.

We help you showcase your best side. So take the first step today.

So what do I do now?

Contact us to schedule a quick phone or video meeting when you're ready to get started.

We're just a contact away...

Your new website might be closer than you think. Contact us to get started.

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